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Now, I wake up to clear eyes and an attitude to start the day right.

Allergies have always been a problem I lived with. Having teary eyes, runny nose, and constant sneezing was not the way I liked to start my day though. One of my friends introduced me to Daniel, at first I was hesitant because how could needles help with my allergies. But instead of getting acupuncture done, Daniel gave me an acupressure massage and helped loosen my Qi(?), whatever it was, it worked. The next morning my symptoms weren’t as bad, sneezing wasn’t constant, teary eyes lasted for like a minute. So I went in again, and Daniel educated me about how to take care of my body better. Told me that cold beverages make your body colder and allow for symptoms to take hold, gave me a few herbal remedies and told me to drink some hot tea in the morning since I was always used to cold oj. Now, I wake up to clear eyes and an attitude to start the day right. Thanks man!                    ~ R.M.

I had perfect attendance this year in school !

 I had allergy induced Chronic Bronchitis for three years. During those years, I missed 90 days of school. It was causing wave after wave of coughing, bronchitis, and pnuemonia. My mom heard from a friend who works with Dr. Daniel.  After Acupuncture, my problem has been eliminated and I  had perfect attendance this year in school.             ~ C.P.

In the mornings I suffered from a congested airway .....

I’d been having some issue on and off for over two years. In the mornings I suffered from a congested airway which made it hard to breathe after four sessions lessened making my mornings much better. my breathing has improved as the congestion greatly                          ~S.V.

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